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Excellence is a Habit
Our mission is to equip children to lead a life of becoming 
– growing, thriving and flourishing – 
through the development of intellect and character.

“We lift the academic ceiling. Children can go as far as they can at whatever pace they can...”

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Developing the individual:
living a becoming life.

News and Events

List of 3 news stories.

  • Birchwood Students Win Top Honors for Latin

    This March Birchwood Latin students took the National Latin Exam along with students across the United States and around the world. Many earned gold and silver medals and Omar Elbadawy (7th grade) earned a coveted “Perfect Paper” award, just the second in the school’s history.

    Gold medal and a summa cum laude certificate:
    Angela D'Souza (7th grade)
    Omar Elbadawy (7th grade)
    Jordan Gordon (7th grade)

    Silver medal and maxima cum laude certificate:
    Arsheya Ahuja (7th grade)
    Cadence Guo (8th grade)
    Aanya Lakireddy (7th grade)
    Siya Lakireddy (7th grade)
    Areesha Nouman (7th grade)
    Michael Zhu (7th grade)

    Cum laude certificate:
    Su-Kyi Ng (7th grade)
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  • Record Number of Birchwood Students Headed to National History Day

    On April 26, the results from the state level of the National History Day competition were announced. Sixteen students and their nine projects will advance to the national level of the competition in June, the largest number of Birchwood students ever to advance to the national level as a result of their first and second place wins.
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  • Record Number of Birchwood Students Headed to State Science Day

    On April 19th, the results of District Science Day were announced, with a record number of Birchwood students heading to State Science Day in May.
    Superior Rating and State Science Day Qualifiers
    Ayat Jaffar (6th grade) for “Can a Microbial Fuel Cell be Used to Create Electricity from Soil?”
    Omar Elbadawy (7th grade) for “Bioplastic: An Investigation of the Relationship between Bioplastic Composition, Tensile Strength, and Flexibility”
    Aanya Lakireddy (7th grade) for “Filtering Micro Plastics Using Micron Nylon Filter”
    Siya Lakireddy (7th grade) for “Filtering Turbidity in Water Using Coagulation-Flocculation”
    Adharsh Narendrakumar (7th grade) for “The Social Distancing Sensor”
    Michael Zhu (7th grade) for “Ethanol vs. Gasoline: Which Fuel is More Environmentally Friendly?”
    Albert Khawam (8th grade) for “Which Material Can Insulate a Glass Bottle the Best?”
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