Birchwood School of Hawken has built its superior academic curriculum upon history, contemporary research, and benchmarks derived from premiere academic programs in the U.S. This approach allows us to borrow the best academic programming from history while having the flexibility to improve our educational content and strategies as scientific research and real-world practice unfold new possibilities.

Knowing the importance of history, Birchwood has learned from elements of education that helped produce great scientists, mathematicians, historians, and writers. Great education is not a mystery nor is it a new phenomenon. History shows us recurring themes of good education. It teaches us how masters learned their subject matter and made significant contributions to their discipline. 
Contemporary research supports and enhances what we learn from history. Its scientific findings confirm the lessons of history and can lead to innovative methodology and practice. Research in brain function, social and emotional development, motivation and competency, and self-determination helped us hone our curriculum.

In our quest to build a superior academic curriculum, Birchwood looks to academic excellence in schools and curricular programming across the U.S. We unabashedly borrow great ideas from curricular innovations or classroom practices that have fostered exemplary academic achievement. At Birchwood, building a superior academic curriculum is our passion. It demands all of our energies and expects us to improve year after year.

To learn the academic content offered in each subject area and what makes our approach in-depth and unique, we invite you to click below and read more: 

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List of 5 items.