Hawken Merger

In October of 2016, the Board of Trustees of both Birchwood School and Hawken School announced the agreement to merge our two institutions after over a year of careful consideration. Our founders Charles and Helene Debelak continue to run Birchwood, which has served families on Cleveland’s near west side since 1984.

As part of this merger, we combined all of Birchwood’s assets, liabilities, and contracts with Hawken. The schools are now a single entity, with Birchwood operating as a distinct division; our administration, faculty, staff, programming, and tuition structure remain unchanged. We are now Birchwood School of Hawken, and Birchwood families are members of the Hawken community.

Birchwood and Hawken share deeply aligned missions that focus on the development of both character and intellect. Both are forward-focused, have similar visions for the future of education, and are committed to Cleveland. The merger of these two great schools strengthens the future of both institutions.

Through this merger, all Birchwood students are now automatically accepted to Hawken’s Upper School. Birchwood intentionally prepares students for their Hawken Upper School experience, where the focus seamlessly shifts to preparation for college and the real world.