We have three important objectives in the elementary grades. 

First, we provide each child, according to his or her abilities, educational challenge commensurate with those abilities. In this way, each child, whether of average ability or exceptional ability are intellectually challenged so that they are maximizing their potential.

We Lift the Ceilings

For high ability students, we lift the ceilings in each subject so that our students are not limited by grade level expectations. They are given the opportunity to soar academically as far as their ability and interest will carry them. In any one classroom, the range of studies may span as many as four grade levels.

We Introduce the Joy of Learning

Second, we provide our students with academic experiences that will promote their love for learning. While it is important that we lift the academic ceilings for all learners, it is equally important that we give them meaningful learning opportunities that introduce children to the joy of learning. It is important that children are not only competent in subject content, but more importantly, they are enthusiastic and avid mathematicians, readers, writers, historians, and scientists! It is our contention that love for each subject matter is even more important than linear progress since love for subject matter will make children life-long learners.  
Through daily character classes children begin academic practices that will form good habits.

We Focus on the Habits of Productivity

Third, concerning character, the elementary school years are focused on the language and habits of productivity. Through our daily inspirational classroom openings, children learn the meaning of the Aristotelian virtues and through our daily character classes in the afternoons, children begin academic practices that will form good habits.
“Birchwood has been a wonderful experience for our children. The focus is to teach students to learn and achieve through organization, goal setting, character role modeling, and a strong work ethic.”
Peter Rose
Birchwood Parent