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  • March

    Academic Competitions


    Since the founding of Birchwood School, we have recognized the value of quality academic competitions. Quality, of course, is the operative word. It means the competition affords children academic and character benefits, and it is not an event that focuses only on winning or losing.  

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  • February

    Altogether Holding on to the Dream


    Each morning at Birchwood, students begin the day freshly inspired as teachers read stories of people – extraordinary and ordinary – whose lives shine in the light of virtue. 

    Among the powerful storylines in United States history are those of African Americans. These examples of hope, faith, wisdom, and strength uplift us to understand ourselves as human beings. The great capacity of the human spirit can be seen in the lives of those who experience human suffering.

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  • January

    Watch, Watch, Watch


    I have a famous and timeless adage posted in my classroom. It reads, “Watch your thoughts because they will become your words. Watch your words because they will become your actions. Watch your actions for they will become your habits. Watch your habits for they will become your character. Watch your character for it will become your destiny.”

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