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  • September

    Practicing Courage

    At the start of the school year, I remind parents that school is a wonderful arena for teaching children how to be courageous.  
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  • August

    Watch, Watch, Watch

    I have a famous and timeless adage posted in my classroom. It reads, “Watch your thoughts because they will become your words. Watch your words because they will become your actions. Watch your actions for they will become your habits. Watch your habits for they will become your character. Watch your character for it will become your destiny.” 
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  • July

    Character by Design

    Parents know intuitively that character will play a central role in their child’s success and fulfillment in life. That intuition is supported by history and science.    
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  • June

    The Early Start

    Research confirms what many parents and educators understand intuitively: if we want children to become competent in anything, if we want them to have productive attitudes toward life and constructive attitudes toward people, then education and training should begin early.
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  • May

    The Greatest Gift

    If we give our children the gift of good character, we have equipped them to flourish when the conditions of life are favorable, and we have equipped them to thrive when the circumstances of life are adverse. With good character, children can grow regardless of their situation.
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  • April

    The “90%-10%” Method for Creating Student Agency

    During my 50+ years of working with children and parents, I observed that the most effective way to cultivate agency in children is what I call the “90%-10%” method.
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  • March

    Discussing the Goal of Real Education

    “If it is true that each generation has an obligation to introduce their successors to a higher plane of life, then we would like to add our portion to this aspiration.”
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  • February

    It Matters Less WHERE You Send Your Children to School Than WHO You Send to School

    I have witnessed so often that if a student is engaged in their learning, no matter what school they are in or what teacher they are assigned, they thrive and flourish academically.
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  • January

    Learn to Do the Right Thing

    Inspire children to lead a good life. Inspire them to practice virtue. Inspire them to do the right thing in every situation.
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