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  • April

    The “90%-10%” Method for Creating Student Agency

    During my 50+ years of working with children and parents, I observed that the most effective way to cultivate agency in children is what I call the “90%-10%” method.
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  • March

    Discussing the Goal of Real Education

    “If it is true that each generation has an obligation to introduce their successors to a higher plane of life, then we would like to add our portion to this aspiration.”
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  • February

    It matters less WHERE you send your children to school than WHO you send to school.

    This article was written by Charles Debelak and published in Westlake Neighbors magazine in December 2020. Charles Debelak is the co-founder and head of Birchwood School of Hawken. He earned his BS degree from Valparaiso University and his master's of education in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in gifted education from Cleveland State University. 
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  • January

    Learn To Do The Right Thing

    This series of articles was written for the Birchwood community by Head of School, Charles Debelak, and can be found in the Birchwood School of Hawken 2020-21 Clipboard Newsletter. The purpose of Mr. Debelak's Clipboard articles is to provide parents with information about sound educational principles and child development issues gleaned from history, contemporary research, and Mr. Debelak's 40+ years of educating, coaching, and counseling children, young adults, and parents.
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