Education at Birchwood Video Series

Our mission is to equip children to lead a life of becoming – growing, thriving and flourishing – through the development of intellect and character.

Our mission is to equip children to lead a life of becoming ...
The term becoming is purposely vague, as in answering the question, Become what? It is vague because no one can predict the life our children will face or the framework of their adulthood. But the term becoming is not so ambiguous that we cannot invest in their attitudes, knowledge, behaviors, and life skills so that whatever situation life presents, our children will grow, thrive, and flourish.
Making our mission real ...
Mr. Debelak discusses the practices that enable Birchwood to realize our mission in each child we help enrich, by shaping positive attitudes towards life. Birchwood provides "education for becoming" by bringing children into ways of thinking through habits of mind. Students learn how to solve problems through education that allows them to become mathematicians, readers, historians, scientists. Children are learning to live a life that is rich, full, and thriving lifelong.
The development of intellect ...
At Birchwood School, this is the process of teaching students how to reason and think well. Charles Debelak, founder and head of school, explains how gifted students are educated to reach their full potential.
The Success Cycle ...
The success cycle has two components at Birchwood. The first is providing students with a history of successes and a history of achievements. The second aspect is a partnership between an adult (mom or dad, teacher or coach) with the child that will help a them get through the challenges and difficulties in learning how to grow. Mr. Debelak discusses how to develop this partnership and work alongside your child to create productivity habits.
The development of character ...
Woven into the curriculum at Birchwood School is the belief that personal character can become the most vital factor in the success and fulfillment of an adolescent. Charles Debelak, founder and head of school, shares how parents and educators can play a part in helping children develop goal setting the highest pinnacle of human evolution.

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