The Success Cycle

Every Birchwood School of Hawken student participates in what has been named The Success Cycle. This unique core practice provides children with meaningful intellectual challenges based on each child’s ability level. This ensures that each student is appropriately challenged throughout their earliest years at Birchwood and continuing on through eighth grade.

The Success Cycle requires each student to invest energy and effort in their learning, coursework, and character development. The result is the success that each student is likely to achieve.

This cycle, implemented in all grades in all subject areas, not only enables student growth in subject matter but more importantly develops a growing sense of competency, self-worth, and enthusiasm for learning. This enthusiam for learning is a tremendous life skill that can be drawn upon in high school, college, and beyond.
Birchwoods strong foundation will be with my children always and has set them on a path to be successful no matter where their future takes them.
Birchwood Parent