Flexible Tuition / Cleveland Scholarship

Flexible Tuition

Birchwood School of Hawken awards financial assistance through Flexible Tuition for students in kindergarten through eighth grade on the basis of a family’s demonstrated need as determined by School & Student Services.

The deadline to apply for Flexible Tuition for the 2022-23 school year is January 14, 2022. Families may click here for information on completing the Parents’ Financial Statement.
Click here to apply for Flexible Tuition. Use the code 9142 to create an account.

Cleveland Scholarship

Birchwood School of Hawken partners with the Cleveland Scholarship Program offering families who live in the City of Cleveland a choice and chance at the best educational opportunities available beginning in kindergarten.

Click here for more information and how to apply for the Cleveland Scholarship Program.

We are Available to Help

We can assist Cleveland families interested in participating in the Cleveland Scholarship Program as well as families who would like additional information on applying for Flexible Tuition. Please email Director of Admissions Linda Miyares at admission@birchwoodschool.org.

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