H&L Video Series

“If it is true that each generation has an obligation to introduce their successors to a higher plane of life, then we would like to add our portion to this aspiration.” – Charles and Helene Debelak

Sharing our Heritage & Legacy

Birchwood School of Hawken co-founders Charles and Helene Debelak have begun a heritage and legacy series of videos for educators – teachers and parents – discussing the goal of real education. Drawing from their knowledge of educational history, the science behind learning, and their own experience working directly with children and young adults, each week, Mr. and Mrs. Debelak will present a new episode in their H&L Video Series, beginning with a focus on Educating Children: Principles for Becoming.

Educating Children: Principles for Becoming

Real education creates momentum toward lifelong learning and lifelong fulfillment. It generates internal motivation and capacity for growth through the accumulation of attitudes, habits, skills, and knowledge, which enables children “to become what they can become.” 
“It has been our great joy to have a part in educating children to become all that they can become.” 

Episode 1: Introduction

Charles Debelak introduces Educating Children: Principles for Becoming by explaining how education creates momentum toward lifelong learning and fulfillment. It generates internal motivation for growth through the accumulation of attitudes, habits, skills, and knowledge.

Episode 3: Self-Determination

Education should create momentum for growth. Charles Debelak discusses how central self-determination is in helping children grow and make positive contributions to their communities at every stage in their lives.

Episode 5: Competency & Success Cycle

Charles Debelak discusses how competency and the success cycle, as aspects of self-determination, are crucial for helping children habituate attitudes and habits that will equip them to continue to grow and develop throughout their lives.

Episode 7: Cumulative Advantage

Mr. Debelak explains how an early start toward habituating work habits, attitudes, skills, and knowledge needed for self-determination results in a cumulative advantage as students reach their teen years, equipping them to lead a life of growing and thriving. 

Episode 2: Reading

Helene Debelak explains the special role reading plays in creating momentum for growth. Reading is the quintessential educational experience for life. It opens windows for children to see, know, and experience stories that uplift them onto a higher plane of life.

Episode 4: Self-Determination II

Competency is a key component of self-determination. Teachers, parents, and coaches can help children grow competency by guiding them through setting realistic goals, supporting them as they work hard achieving those goals, and then celebrating their accomplishment.

Episode 6: Creative Problem Solving

Helene Debelak discusses creative problem solving (CPS) and the unique role this process plays in helping students grow lifelong. She provides a rich history of CPS, defines the steps involved, and explains how parents, educators, and grandparents model and coach children.