Why Give

Recognizing that intelligence is not confined by economic situation, but opportunity, Birchwood School of Hawken has committed itself to providing peerless, individually-focused education for all students. A Birchwood education is one without ceilings, one where curriculum is differentiated for each student so that students meet and often exceed their unique potential.

Over its three decades, Birchwood has built a reputation of excellence. Year after year, Hawken’s Upper School and other high performing area high schools recognize our graduates as some of the most capable, hard-working and ethical. 

Careful financial stewardship allows us to keep tuition low while maintaining industry-leading student-to-teacher ratios. That same frugality permits us to pour resources into teachers, programming and academics, but it limits our ability to consistently reinvest in our school.

For this sort of reinvestment, we rely on community support. Birchwood Fund annual gifts are unrestricted dollars that support school operations, giving us the resources to support best use needs. Foundation and grants dollars are restricted to specific projects and, in the past, have underwritten our library, supported the start of our preschool, and facilitated STEM and technology improvements. Major individual donors have supported student scholarships, capital improvements and also provided unrestricted gifts that provide vital support to general operations.

All of this, and so much more, comes from the support of donors like you. Quite simply, robust community support will never make a poor organization good, but it will make a good organization better and a great one exceptional. Your contribution enables us to continue achieving exceptional.

All gifts matter no matter the size! We thank you.
“I give because I want to do my part to help Birchwood not only improve, but thrive!
Birchwood Parent