Opportunities for Support

Every gift to Birchwood School of Hawken matters, no matter the size. And all gifts made to Birchwood stay at Birchwood! Here are just a few ways that your gift benefits the school:

• $50 provides healthy snacks to after school student clubs for a month
• $100 provides student seating for classroom reading circles
• $250 provides healthy, daily snacks to preschoolers for a month
• $500 allows social studies students to participate in Colonial Williamsburg’s Electronic Field Trips
• $1,500 underwrites an arts residency program for students in grades 1-8 or provides literature for our fifth and sixth grade History Day preparation program
• $2,500 supports some academic teams for a full year
• $3,000 pays for instruments and music for one year in support of our music program
• $5,000 prints Woodmath books for one year
• $7,500 builds and supplies a science laboratory
• $7,500 also allows language arts students to have classroom sets of story modeling books and furniture and to participate in a writing workshop
• $10,000 provides either full tuition for one student or partial scholarships for several students
• $15,000 makes the music program available for a full year
• $25,000 makes the possibilities nearly endless
“We support Birchwood School for the simple reason that our kids are receiving an excellent, challenging education in a school that they (and we) love. We are grateful and see our gifts as one way to show our appreciation.”
Birchwood Alumni Parent