Birchwood Students Win Top Honors for Latin

This March Birchwood Latin students took the National Latin Exam along with students across the United States and around the world. Many earned gold and silver medals and Omar Elbadawy (7th grade) earned a coveted “Perfect Paper” award, just the second in the school’s history.

Gold medal and a summa cum laude certificate:
Angela D'Souza (7th grade)
Omar Elbadawy (7th grade)
Jordan Gordon (7th grade)

Silver medal and maxima cum laude certificate:
Arsheya Ahuja (7th grade)
Cadence Guo (8th grade)
Aanya Lakireddy (7th grade)
Siya Lakireddy (7th grade)
Areesha Nouman (7th grade)
Michael Zhu (7th grade)

Cum laude certificate:
Su-Kyi Ng (7th grade)

The exam is a 40-question, multiple-choice test with a time limit of 45 minutes, offered to students on seven levels. There are questions on grammar, comprehension, mythology, derivatives, literature, Roman life, history, geography, oral Latin, and Latin in use in the modern world. The National Latin Exam’s mission is to promote the study of Latin and encourage individual students, offering every Latin student the opportunity to experience a sense of personal accomplishment and success.

Dr. Catherine Haskins praised these winners saying, “I’m proud of these students who had less than a full year of Latin as a result of the pandemic and yet they worked hard on their own to prepare for the contest. Seventh grader Omar Elbadawy’s perfect score letter is only the second such recognition in the history of the Latin program!”