Record Number of Birchwood Students Headed to State Science Day

On April 19th, the results of District Science Day were announced, with a record number of Birchwood students heading to State Science Day in May.
Superior Rating and State Science Day Qualifiers
Ayat Jaffar (6th grade) for “Can a Microbial Fuel Cell be Used to Create Electricity from Soil?”
Omar Elbadawy (7th grade) for “Bioplastic: An Investigation of the Relationship between Bioplastic Composition, Tensile Strength, and Flexibility”
Aanya Lakireddy (7th grade) for “Filtering Micro Plastics Using Micron Nylon Filter”
Siya Lakireddy (7th grade) for “Filtering Turbidity in Water Using Coagulation-Flocculation”
Adharsh Narendrakumar (7th grade) for “The Social Distancing Sensor”
Michael Zhu (7th grade) for “Ethanol vs. Gasoline: Which Fuel is More Environmentally Friendly?”
Albert Khawam (8th grade) for “Which Material Can Insulate a Glass Bottle the Best?”

Excellent Rating
Ishika Chand (6th grade) for “Which Liquid will Clean a Penny Best?”
Areesha Nouman (7th grade) for “Which Filtration Material Leads to the Clearest Drinking Water?”
Akhil Peruri (7th grade) for “Do the pH levels of Water Affect the Growth of Algae?”
Shreeyans Bhavaraju (8th grade) for “What Effects do Electronics Have on Sleep and on the Following Day? What Stage of Sleep is Most Disturbed?”
Manan Raina (8th grade) for “Which Citric Fruit Juice Best Dissolves a Kidney Stone?”
Annual Science Day competitions are programs of The Ohio Academy of Science. They encourage students to dive into the most pressing issues of our time using strict adherence to the rigorous scientific method. This year the competition has been virtual, so in addition to their extensive scientific research and experimentation, students submitted a video presentation of their project for the judges.
Students’ projects that have qualified for State Science Day will be eligible for scholarships and other prizes from the many sponsors for the program. State winners will be announced on June 18th.
Along with fellow science teacher, Ms. Brown, Ms. Bottini congratulated the winners saying, “I am beyond proud of these students for their hard work and dedication to their projects. In a virtual setting, students have to make many adjustments to their projects and take extra time out of science class to record their videos to match the science day guidelines. What an amazing accomplishment!”