Birchwood Students Win Big at Prestigious Science Fair

This year’s 67th annual Northeastern Ohio Science and Engineering Fair was virtual but lacked nothing in terms of ingenuity from the students who participated. Nearly 700 projects from over 80 schools were submitted in competition for over $20,000 in prizes. Birchwood School’s 7th and 8th graders’ projects garnered much attention from the over 260 judges representing the most prestigious science organizations of the region.

Broadcom MASTERS Program Nominations
Manan Raina - an invitation to the international level of competition

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics- Northern Ohio Section
Michael Zhu- certificate and $25

ASM International-Cleveland Chapter
Areesha Nouman- Honorable Mention

AEM International-Cleveland Chapter
Omar Elbadawy- 2nd place and $200

Environmental Science
Shreeyans Bhavaraju-1st place "What effects do electronics have on sleep and on the following day? What stage of sleep is most disturbed?”
Michael Zhu- 2nd place
Areesha Nouman- 3rd place

Omar Elbadawy-2nd place
Su-Kyi Ng- 2nd place
Cadence Guo- 3rd place
Manan Raina- Honorable Mention

Adharsh Narendrakummar- 2nd place
Aanya Lakireddy- Honorable Mention
Siya Lakireddy- Honorable Mention

American Chemical Society-Cleveland Section
Omar Elbadawy- $150
Michael Zhu- $150

Cleveland Chemical Association
Manan Raina- $150
Omar Elbadawy- $150

Cleveland Clinic Children's and Cleveland Clinic Community Care
Shreeyans Bhavaraju- $100
Omar Elbadawy-$100

Cleveland Regional Council of Science Teachers
Omar Elbadawy- chemistry award $100

Cuyahoga Valley Space Society
Su-Kiy Ng- Honorable Mention
Shreeyans Bhavaraju- Honorable Mention
Areesha Nouman- Honorable Mention
Siya Lakireddy- Honorable Mention

NEOSEF Science News Magazine Award
Shreeyans Bhavaraju- 1-year subscription

NESOWEA (Northeast Ohio Section Ohio Water Environment Association)
Aanya Lakireddy- $100
Areesha Nouman- $50

Office of Naval Research-U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps
Areesha Nouman- Medallion

Rockwell Automation
Adharsh Narendrakumar- Honorable Mention

William R Sweet Award for Chemistry
Manan Raina- $25
Omar Elbadawy- $50

Manan Raina’s project entitled, “What citrus juice best dissolves kidney stones?” is headed to the international level of middle school competition.

Miss Linda Brown spoke of her students’ accomplishments saying, “Everyone likes awards. However, these awards weren't magically granted but were the results of hard work and attitudes that they applied to their projects from October through January: researching, testing, analyzing and communicating their research via a science board and voice-over project slides presentation. Although there is not a next level to this science fair except for Manan’s invitation to the Broadcom Competition, Miss Bottini and I were very proud of each one of them. We are also waiting to see if any of the students who entered the District Science Day competition are promoted to the State Science Day.”