Thirty-Eight Students Shine on Math Olympiad Test

After the third of five Math Olympiad tests, Birchwood students have earned their medals, with three holding a perfect score thus far: 

Jacob Gao (6th grade) perfect score!
Jordan Gordon (7th grade) perfect score!
Joshua Gordon (6th grade)
Shivam Mahajan (5th grade)
Julia McClenin (5th grade)
Manya Raina (6th grade)
Haadeya Salman (6th grade)
Jonathan Samulak (6th grade)
Nikhil Yalavarthy (5th grade)
Michael Zhu (7th grade) perfect score!

Ted Alten (6th grade)
Ishika Chand (6th grade)
Jasmine Chen (7th grade)
Joshua Chen (6th grade)
Angela D'Souza (7th grade)
Cadence Guo (8th grade)
Sinan Haufe (8th grade)
Gage Kufner (6th grade)
Ben Miyares (7th grade)
Stephen Parrino (6th grade)
Joseph Ronayne (5th grade)
Jeremy Rotberg (7th grade)
Melanie Statsevych (5th grade)
Catherine Yang (5th grade)
Leo Yang (8th grade)
Sebastian Boyer (8th grade)
Lydia Chen (8th grade)
Zain Daoud (5th grade)
Ayat Jaffar (6th grade)
Bella Kufner (6th grade)
Chloe Leng (8th grade)
Johnny Mulloy (6th grade)
Maliha Nadkarni (5th grade)
Adharsh Narendrakumar (7th grade)
Sammy Nemr (5th grade)
Leen Salman (5th grade)
Reyna Uechi (8th grade)
Kyle Vaziri (5th grade)
Math Olympiad is a yearlong series of five contests that provides students in grades four through eight training in creative problem-solving mathematics skills. Created in 1977 by Dr. George Lenchner, an internationally known math educator. Math Olympiad went public in 1979. Last year 150,000 students from 5,000 teams worldwide participated in the competition. All 50 states and 25 other countries were represented by their brightest math students.
The students’ teacher and coach, Mrs. Nicole Gregory, described the experience saying, “The Math Olympiad is a difficult contest that all fifth through eighth grade students at Birchwood participate in each year. It is wonderful to watch the students grow competency and confidence as they improve from one test to the next and from year to year. They are excited to improve and we, the teachers, are happy to see them excited about math and growth!”
Birchwood congratulates these students on their accomplishment and looks forward to the next level of competition.