Award Winning Cursive Penmanship

Birchwood School’s third and fourth grades held a school-wide cursive handwriting competition. Aisha won the third grade level and Leen won the fourth grade level. Their winning entries were then submitted to the state level of the Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest. We are pleased to announce that Aisha Ahluwalia won at the state level. Their teacher, Ms. Joanna West, said, “All of the third and fourth graders should be very proud of their efforts to improve their handwriting this year. We had a very hard time picking just one winner from each grade for this competition. Congratulations to Aisha on her win at the state level.”

The Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest rewards outstanding manuscript and cursive skills among students in grades K–8 and recognizes the teachers who understand the importance of handwriting for developing literacy in all students. The contest garners about 250,000 entrants each year with a total of over 4.5 million students participating since 1991. The contest entries, both print and cursive, are judged according to the Zaner-Bloser Keys to Legibility: Shape, Size, Spacing, and Slant.