Birchwood MathCounts Team Wins 1 st Place

Birchwood School’s MathCounts team won 1st place at the regional Chapter Competition held at Cleveland State University on February 15th. They also placed 2nd in the Speed Round. Additionally, several team members placed individually: James Mamone (8th grade of Parma) placed 2nd; Manan Raina (7th grade of Brecksville) placed 3 rd; and Carter Fleming (8th grade of Bay Village) placed 9th. This is the second consecutive year that the team has won this competition and in the last 10 years Birchwood has won seven first-place titles.

For these students their achievement is a sweet reward for very hard work. The team credits hours of practice, after-school math clubs, summer math programs, and extra math problems with their success. They also recognize the extensive support from their parents and enthusiastic coach, Mr. Debelak.

MathCounts is a national competition that gives middle school students the chance to compete against their peers using the spirit of camaraderie and rivalry to make math feel like an invigorating sport. Over a quarter-million students participate each year with competitions held in all US states and territories.

Birchwood wishes the team well as it moves on to the state level competition on March 7 th in Columbus.