Birchwood Science Olympians Win Big

On March 2 the 25-member Science Olympiad team traveled to Case Western Reserve University to compete against 13 Greater Cleveland area teams. Each team is comprised of fourth through sixth grade students. The competition includes 25 events that test knowledge of various scientific topics and engineering skills. The Birchwood Team placed 2nd in Division A! Congratulations for this record winning performance!

1st Place

Disease Detectives - Saumya Mahajan and Ayat Jaffar 
Don’t Bug Me - Benjamin Miyares  and Jordan Gordon 
Experimental Design - Jennifer Song and Ted Alten
Water Quality - Jordan Gordon and Michael Zhu

2nd Place
Circuit Wizardry – Aanya Lakireddy and Angela D'Souza 
Egg Drop - Brooke Gemechu and Eashan Kosaraju 
Herpetoloty - Omar Elbadawy and Fayez Issa 
Mouse Trap Vehicle - Benjamin Miyares and Isabella Bixler
Ready, Aim, Fire! - Michael Zhu and Omar Elbadawy
Starry, Starry Night - Benjamin Miyares and Ishika Chand

3rd Place
A is for Anatomy - Siya Lakireddy and Areesha Nouman 
Tree Identification - Sebastian Boyer and Areesha Nouman
Write it, Do it - Sabrina Syed and Manya Raina 

4th Place
Mystery Design - Isabella Bixler and Ted Alten
Potions and Poisons - Manya Raina and Manan Raina
Simple Machines - Angela D'Souza and Brooke Gemechu

5th Place
Meteorology - Ayat Jaffar and Ishika Chand

6th Place
Bridge Building - Maya Katz and Tarunika Saravanan 
Metric Measurement – Jennifer Song and Omar Issa 
Rock Hound - Sebastian Boyer and Joshua Gordon
Wright Stuff - Manan Raina and Omar Issa 

7th Place
Crime Busters - Aanya Lakireddy and Siya Lakireddy 
Road Scholar - Fayez Issa and Eashan Kosaraju 

8th Place
Optics - Saumya Mahajan and Joshua Gordon

9th Place
What Went By - Isabella Bixler and Sabrina Syed 

More than 4,500 of Ohio’s brightest middle and high school students attended the Ohio Science Olympiad regional tournament. Ohio Science Olympiad is the state’s premier competition that allows students in grades 5-12 to hone their skills in science, technology, engineering and math
(STEM). Science Olympiad also emphasizes teamwork not only for the students but also teachers, parents, principals and business leaders as they bond together to work towards a shared goal.

“Ohio Science Olympiad is a unique opportunity for students statewide to utilize what they may be learning in the classroom through a fun, competitive experience,” said Angela Davis, Ohio Science Olympiad state director. “We hope this hands-on experience fosters the next generation
of STEM leaders.”