At Birchwood School of Hawken the following strands of computer literacy are recognized:

  • Computer as tutor – through software or online courses students use technology to learn subject content
  • Computer as tutee – beginning with Logo, students learn to program
  • Computer as tool – students learn a variety of software applications that can be applied to personal productivity

Birchwood students begin by learning internet safety. As they grow and learn, they are able to recognize and utilize relevant and reputable online sources while avoiding those that could pose harm to themselves, others, or the hardware they are using. Learning to be a respectful online citizen follows safety.

Beginning in the elementary grades, students learn to type, and how to use and navigate Google docs. As their skills progress, students also learn how to use spreadsheets, databases, graphics, and design software. Basic programming skills are introduced at an early age as children program in Logo, a programming language developed at MIT, useful to students of all ages. 

Online coursework and learning centers also provide remedial and accelerated learning. In middle school, students can take advantage of online high school coursework and robotics classes where they use Hummingbird Robotics Kits to build and program robots. Staring in the elementary years, teachers guide students to exceptional online research sources. By eighth grade Birchwood students are educated users who take advantage of the many online primary and secondary resources available to them.