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Click here for Birchwoods updated health and safety protocols.
Travel: To keep our community safe, we ask that those traveling please complete the Travel Form. Please be advised failure to complete the Travel Form may warrant a 10-day quarantine for your child.

Who to Contact with Questions?

Click here for an administration staff directory as we are here to support you.

Car Line

Morning Drop-off Map / Afternoon Pick-up Map

At morning drop-off, students enter using either the back Gray Door or Green Door. Entering via the front Main Door is prohibited (except for International Festival car spot holders and school staff and their children). No exceptions.

Morning Arrival: Students may not enter the building after 8:25 am. We will make exceptions for reported traffic jams. If this occurs, please contact the school via SchoolPass when it is safe for you to do so. 

If your child needs to leave early: Students who need to leave early for an appointment will not be allowed to return back to school that day. We ask that students who need to leave school do so before 2 pm. 

No cell phone use during car line: Please do not take any calls or texts while in the car line and be mindful of your surroundings. 

Dress Code

Dress Code /  Gym Shoes

Mondays: Dress Down 
Tuesdays - Thursdays: Uniforms (Grades K-8)
Fridays: Spirit Day 

Birthdays at Birchwood

Children are recognized on their special day with an announcement and they may choose an item from the Birchwood Treasure Box. Birchwood does not allow birthday treats, party bags, or anything brought from home to be distributed to students, with no exceptions.

If you would still like to share something with your child’s class, you may choose a book to donate to the class library ($20 dollars or less). Classroom teachers will put a label with your child’s name and birthday inside the book.

It is our desire to make your child’s day special while maintaining a low-key atmosphere that does not distract from academics.

Weather-Related School Closings

Birchwood's three-year-old Seedlings enjoyed a hands-on sand treasure hunt that involved lots of digging and lots of fun discovery.

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