Parents’ Association

Welcome! When you join the Birchwood community, your family is welcomed as a member of the Parents’ Association. As a member, it is simple to support Birchwood School of Hawken by participating in our Scrip Program and other fundraising opportunities, the International Festival and Auction (IFA), and by volunteering your time and talents.

You can help with easy ways to earn dollars for Birchwood by participating in these simple programs that directly benefit Birchwood School of Hawken.

Box Tops for Education

Box Tops are worth 10¢ each. Please clip them and send them to school with your child. There are Box Tops collection box in each homeroom.

Register Your Shoppers Card

Register your shoppers cards at Giant Eagle and Heinen’s and a portion of your shopping dollars will benefit the school. Giant Eagle Apples for the Students is an ongoing program – sign up once and you’re done! Heinen’s Teaming Up for Education runs from September through April and you must sign up each year to participate.

International Festival

Birchwood School of Hawken holds its annual International Festival each year. This wonderful family event celebrates the diversity found in our community. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Click here to learn of the many volunteer opportunities for parents to participate in throughout the year.

Learn More

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Volunteer opportunities are available for parents. Email 
to sign up.

Greg Gordon
Birchwood Parent