Fall 2020

Welcome to Birchwood School of Hawkens 2020-21 school year. We are so happy to have welcomed back our community to in-person school as well as a remote learning option. Teachers and staff are excited to bring students our new Happiness Curriculum as we all join together to help keep our community safe and healthy.

Restart Playbook

Click here for Birchwoods health and safety protocols outlined in our Restart Playbook.

Back to School Notes

Backpack tags: Please make sure your child(ren)’s backpack has the school-issued ID tag attached to it. 

Lunch/Snacks/Water: Label snacks for your child so they will know what to eat at lunch, snack time am/pm, and After Care (if applicable). Please make sure to send utensils each day.

Brown bags and extra mask: Students in grades K-8 students must wear a mask and bring an extra mask daily. Please send them with 2 brown bags to store their mask in, during eating times. Lanyards to hang masks around the neck are not allowed.

Parents/visitors not permitted in school: Due to COVID-19 and our ongoing mitigation efforts, no visitors will be allowed, including parents, this school year. No exceptions.

Entrances: At morning drop-off, students will enter using either the back Gray Door or Green Door. Entering via the front Main Door is prohibited (except for International Festival car spot holders and Birchwood School of Hawken staff and their children). No exceptions.

Changes to Morning Arrival and Early Dismissal due to COVID-19:
Students may not enter the building after 8:25 am. We will make exceptions for reported traffic jams. If this occurs, please contact the school via SchoolPass if you are able. If a student has to leave early for an appointment, they will not be allowed to return back to school that day. We ask that students who need to leave school do so before 2 pm. 

No cell phone use during car line: Please do not take any calls or texts while in the car line and be mindful of your surroundings. 

Travel / Large Gatherings: If your family will be traveling outside of the state or attending a large gathering where safety protocols could be compromised, contact Nurse Morales at mmorales@birchwoodschool.org before and after your visit to confirm your child(ren) can return to school and to make sure that their return is not a health risk to others.

Car Line Maps

School Calendar

School Supply Lists

Due to COVID-19 as the school year progresses teachers may request that you purchase additional school supplies.

Dress Code Guide

Our 2020-21 dress schedule is below. Preschool dress and guidelines for Dress Down and Spirit Days are found on page 4 of the Dress Code Guide.

Dress Down Day (DDD)

Tuesdays - Thursdays
Uniforms (Grades K-8)

Spirit Wear Day 

Dress Code
 /  Gym Shoes

Electives for Grades 6-8

Who to Contact

Click here for an administrative staff directory. Birchwoods staff is here is answer your questions throughout the school year.

Birthdays at Birchwood

For safety purposes this year, we will not allow birthday treats, party bags, or anything brought from home to be distributed to students, with no exceptions. Classroom teachers and the Main Office will recognize children on their special day by announcing their birthday during morning announcements and allow them to choose an item from the Birchwood Treasure Box. If you would still like to share something with your child’s class, you may choose a book to donate to the class library ($20 dollars or less). Classroom teachers will put a label with your child’s name and birthday inside the book. It is our desire to make your child’s day special while maintaining a low-key atmosphere that does not distract from academics.

Birchwood Administrative Resources

Weather-Related School Closings

Medical Forms

Click here for links to the following forms:

  • Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan
  • Parent/Physician Request for Administration of Medicine
  • Physician's Prescribed Medication Form
  • Student Asthma Action Card
  • 7th Grade Certificate of Immunization
Welcome to Birchwoods 2020-21 school year. We are so glad to have you with us as we begin the year!